The Phoenix

The Phoenix is a quarterly print publication that showcases and highlights the work of Preservation Maryland and our partners across the state. In print since the 1970s, it is a great way to stay up-to-date with our work and is offered as a benefit to all of our supporters. Want to receive your copy? Donate today!

Planting the Rainbow Flag (LGBTQ Context Study Booklet)

Preservation Maryland has been leading a statewide effort to research and preserve LGBTQ+ history in the Old Line State for several years, and the project outcomes and resources are available here online.

The Context Study and property database of nearly 400 sites important to LGBTQ+ life in each of Maryland’s counties are now part of the historic record. The report illuminates Maryland LGBTQ+ history in rural, suburban, and urban locations, including sites associated with non-binary historical figures, leading “out” elected officials, strong community groups and popular gay bars, advocacy for AIDS treatment and marriage equality, and many other important sites. The Context Study is a milestone in Preservation Maryland’s multi-year commitment to LGBTQ+ heritage visibility and diversification of the historic record.

In 2022, Preservation Maryland released an abridged version of the report as a designed booklet Planting the Rainbow Flag Booklet (download here).

Revitalizing Rural Maryland: A Resource Guide for Communities (Booklet)

The organization’s longstanding work in rural regions of the state was the inspiration for compiling this guide. Having seen projects and efforts stall due to a lack of resources or awareness of available support, the goal of this guide is to connect communities to the tools and resources they need to succeed and to identify useful case studies from which communities can draw inspiration and assistance.

This guide’s creation was made possible thanks to the generous financial support of the Rural Maryland Council. The Rural Maryland Council brings together citizens, community-based organizations, federal, state, county and municipal government officials as well as representatives of the for-profit and nonprofit sectors to collectively address the needs of Rural Maryland communities. Although many may think of Maryland as an urbanized state, 75% of its counties are considered by the state to be rural and struggle with the challenges of revitalization and redevelopment encountered in more traditionally rural states and regions.

Access the RMC Guide Here

Property Research Guide

This guide is intended to help with researching properties in Maryland. It details the key resources to consult and why, and the different ways you can access this information. This is not an exhaustive list of all the possible resources, but rather the most commonly used materials and sources. We strongly encourage you to explore other possible resources by seeking the advice of librarians, historic preservationists, and other experienced researchers.