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PreserveCast, powered by Preservation Maryland, brings you stories from around the world about the people who are doing the work to preserve, interpret, and save our past. Each weekly episode makes the case for the value, relevance, and importance of history in our lives. New episodes every Monday.


Best of Maryland Awards

Best of Maryland awards shine a spotlight on the ceaseless work of Maryland’s volunteers, architects, artisans, legislators, and many more individuals who are doing the essential work of protecting the places that make Maryland such a special place to live, work, explore, and celebrate.

Historic Property Redevelopment Program Brochure


Behind the Scenes at the Maryland State Archives

Behind the Scenes at the Maryland State Archives

Serving as the central depository for Maryland's most significant historical documents, the Maryland State Archives holds records dating from the states founding in 1634 through present day. As part of their collection, the State Archives has many documents related to...

Heritage Fund Deadline

Established in 1994, the Heritage Fund is a cooperative effort of Preservation Maryland and the Maryland Historical Trust, which provides direct assistance for the protection of historical and cultural resources and promotes innovative demonstration projects that can...

Can we count on you?

Preservation Maryland isn’t just preserving the past – we’re investing in our future. In just the past year we’ve invested heavily in our work and refused to accept the mounting challenges as a reason to retreat or hold our position. You are making it all possible.