In the weeks since Preservation Maryland opened our Preservation Resource Center in Ellicott City, we have been actively involved in providing on-the-ground direct technical assistance to dozens of property owners.

The office, which is located in the visitor’s center on Main Street, is led by our Field Director, Renée Novak, former staff at the Maryland Historical Trust. Renée is assisted by a recently hired Preservation Associate, Michelle Eshelman, an architect who is providing administrative and technical support for the operations of the Center.

In total, since the establishment of the Center, our team has impacted over 78,000 square feet of historic buildings through a wide variety of direct services.

The technical assistance that the preservation staff in Ellicott City has provided includes distributing information on preservation contractors, discussing rehabilitation plans and strategies, explaining the federal, state and local rehabilitation tax credit programs as well as assisting with the complex tax credit application process.

Currently, through our efforts, there are also hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of rehabilitation tax credits being applied for – funding that will make the restoration of Ellicott City possible and more economically feasible.

Moving forward, our Center will continue to provide one-on-one support to any property owners. We are also planning several workshops and lectures on various topics of interest to local property and business owners. None of this would have been possible without the generous support of our members and donors who stepped up and allowed us to provide this resource in the days following the disastrous flood.

Contributions to our recovery fund, as well as corporate support from institutions like Howard Bank, is what is making this work possible and helping property owners receive the financial support they deserve. Your support is bringing historic Ellicott City back.

Preservation Maryland’s Ellicott City flood recovery effort and Six-to-Fix project is proudly sponsored by Howard Bank. To learn more about their support, please visit our announcement blog on our partnership with this community focused bank.