May is National Preservation Month – an entire month devoted to recognizing the broad and enduring social and economic benefits of historic preservation.

This Preservation Month, Preservation Maryland is thrilled to announce Peter Ginn as its first Patron. Patronage is a British tradition where people who are passionate about an issue put their name forward to champion the work being done for that cause. With support like Peter’s, Preservation Maryland is able to advocate for historic buildings, neighborhoods and landscapes to directly preserve the best of Maryland.


Peter, an archeologist, BBC presenter, master storyteller and recent PreserveCast guest, on the value of heritage and the importance of supporting preservation: “we must not forget our shared heritage. We must not forget those hard-won skills that got us to where we are today. If we don’t know where we’ve been, how do we know where we are going? …thousands of years of human knowledge, skills, and history. That is what Preservation Maryland is keeping alive.”

To join Peter in supporting the preservation of Maryland’s irreplaceable heritage and the revitalization of our historic communities, visit