On York Road in Baltimore, a 95-year-old former car dealership was transformed with style into an incubator for food entrepreneurs known as B-More Kitchen and the Accelerator Space for events. While not a designated historic building, the renovation was executed in an authentic and stylish manner. This project will receive a Community Choice award at our Best of Maryland award celebration.



Built in 1919, the earliest records show it was used as an automobile dealership – originally the Govans Motor Company then later Jerry’s Chevrolet. After Jerry’s moved to a new location in the 1970s the building was used for a variety of storage and retail uses. Over time, the main brick facade was covered with stucco that covered the upper story windows and the storefront transom. The interior was oddly partitioned and modified, original windows were partially removed and replace with metal panels, dropped ceilings were installed and overall the building was neglected.

Accelerator, LLC purchased the 28,000sq structure on York Road in Baltimore and rehabilitated the renovated it into B-More Kitchen, Baltimore’s first incubator for food entrepreneurs. The renovated facility includes a 10,000sf kitchen and support space for B-More Kitchen, a 6000sf event venue called the Accelerator Space and an additional 9000sf of lease space designated for food industry tenants.

Renovations included a total modernization of the building, including all new services and systems, installation of a fire suppression system and fire alarm, code compliant fire egress and an elevator. The York Road facade was restored at significant expense, all new windows designed to accurately mimic the original industrial sash were installed. Exterior brick was restored where needed. The Accelerator Space, which was originally was constructed as a parking garage for the Govans Motor Company, was modernized and restored. The maple floors, long ago painted, were sanded and restored, with damaged areas replaced with new flooring of the same species as the original.

The renovated Accelerator Building has breathed new life and optimism into the Govans neighborhood and the York Road corridor. The businesses are net job creators and have become a beacon for the emergence of a local, sustainable and creative food industry in Baltimore.

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