The City of Hyattsville, with creative regional non-profits including the Maryland Milestones Heritage Area, adapted an existing structure into a vibrant arts and cultural center in the heart of Hyattsville. This project showcases preservation partnerships and will take home a Community Choice award at our upcoming Best of Maryland awards in May.

Photo by Pyramid Atlantic Arts Center.

Photo by Pyramid Atlantic Arts Center.


The City of Hyattsville owned a vacant building very nearby their City Hall and other municipal offices. Recognizing it’s potential in the heart of Hyattsville, the Hyattsville Community Development Corporation took the first major step by stabilizing the structure with a grant from the Maryland Heritage Area Authority. With the extra time bought through stabilization, additional partners were brought to the table including additional legislative support and an anchor tenant, the Pyramid Atlantic Arts Center, a letterpress studio, previously located in Silver Spring. As the project grew, the Neighborhood Design Center and Maryland Milestones also gained permanent space within the Center.

The Maryland Milestones Heritage Center is a connecting point for visitors and residents to explore the region by car, bike, trail, and/or walking. Interior exhibits will tell the story of the communities in Northern Prince George’s County region along Route 1 and serve as a visitors center for the region. Additionally, there will be a bike repair station. This project joins many others in bringing the first-ring suburb back from disinvestment.


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