On Thursday, November 7, 2019, the Campaign for Historic Trades, a program of Preservation Maryland, was invited to present before the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation about the innovative new public-private partnership.

Aimee JorjaniAt the invitation of the Advisory Council’s Chairman, Aimee Jorjani, the Campaign for Historic Trades presented on the new partnership as a part of the federal agency’s fall board meeting. Preservation Maryland Executive Director Nicholas Redding joined the Historic Preservation Training Center’s superintendent, Moss Rudley, to provide a brief update on the new program and discuss opportunities for the Advisory Council to support the innovative program.

Staff of the National Historic Preservation Training Center.

Staff of the National Historic Preservation Training Center.

The discussion which followed the presentation was wide-ranging and in-depth – covering topic areas as diverse as the opportunity to expand the new campaign to additional federal agencies, including Labor, Veterans Affairs, and Education, as well as the potential to coordinate the expansion of apprenticeship cohorts across the country in partnership with America 250, the official Semiquincentennial Commission of the United States.

The presentation and question-and-answer session with the Advisory Council is a first step and the Campaign for Historic Trades is eager to expand and build on this potentially powerful partnership to help advance access to historic trades training across the nation.

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