Castle Angelo holds court atop a slope overlooking the Patapsco River and the B&O Railroad Tracks an extremely unique site in Maryland! The castle-like Gothic building built in the 1830s still stands and is much of a landmark now as it was when special rail excursions were led from Baltimore just to catch a glimpse of the castle on the hill.

On Friday, October 13, 2017, the private owners and the Patapsco Valley Heritage Area will offer a limited number of guests a behind the scenes look at Castle Angelo. Update: This event is sold out, but can add your name to the waitlist. The house and gardens have recently been restored and the home building is currently for sale.



Castle Angelo was built in 1831 by…Monsieur Samual Vaughn. It is supposedly a copy of a miniature French castle but the use of the octagonal towers gives it a more English renaissance air than a French one. The Gothic arched windows flanking the Gothic arched front entrance are representative of the Gothic revival style.

Architecturally Castle Angelo is unique to Howard County. Historically it is tied to St. Paul’s Church, the first Roman Catholic Church, in Ellicott City where it served as a rectory…

Angelo Castle was also pointed out by conductors of the B&O Railroad when passenger service brought tourists to Ellicott City in the 1800s. Trains would stop to allow passengers a chance to gaze on this unique building and fantasize.

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