As part of the continued public outreach and comment period related to the Ellicott City Watershed Master Plan, Howard County has created an interactive website that allows the public to review changes to the plan and make comments to be integrated into future changes to the plan.

The Ellicott City flood in 2018 temporarily paused any work related to the previously proposed Watershed Master Plan. During the on-going recovery period, newly elected County Executive Ball released a plan specifically for Ellicott City called the Safe and Sound plan. This online open house is an effort by the Howard County Department of Planning and Zoning and their consultant team to integrate the new priorities of the Ball Administration and allow another period of public comment before preparing an updated Master Plan. Delivery of the updated plan is expected in February 2020.

Map of Ellicott City MD


Starting now through Sunday, August 11, 2019, visit us online to learn how previously-proposed master plan ideas may change given the preferred flood mitigation option under the Safe and Sound plan. While you visit, you’ll have the opportunity to give us your feedback through a series of short surveys. As you scroll, be on the lookout for survey questions by geographic area. Your responses to survey questions will be considered as the master plan consultant team develops concepts for presentation at a public meeting in fall 2019. To fully experience the Online Open House, we recommend reserving about one half-hour; including 15 minutes to read the narrative, and 15 minutes to answer all the survey questions. You can also visit the Online Open House multiple times, and review a different section or sections at each visit, at your own pace.

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