If you’re a road-tripping Marylander, you’ve likely driven past the Flag Barn on Route 4 in Calvert County. It’s been a Calvert County icon for over 100 years, but now facing development pressure, there’s a community campaign to move the barn to safety.

The Route 4 barn was originally part of an over 100-acre farm purchased in 1912 by William Prindeville Norfolk. The property has only changed hands a couple of times, but is had already been moved in 1923 and added to in 1930. The American flag emblazoned across the barn was painted in 1991 by a local high school student and maintained over the years by members of the American Legion.

Current Status

The current owners of the land and the barn are looking to build on their property and that necessitates moving the Flag Barn out of the way. There are already several major components that can make this a successful community in place, including, a receiving plot of land nearby that is being donated by private owners and a commitment by Calvert County to maintain the barn once it’s moved. The hold up is in the cost of either deconstructing and storing, or lifting and moving the barn. 

Ways to Help

Terri Quinn, a veteran and artist, is leading the charge, reports that the cost to move the barn and complete minimal stabilization once moved, may cost over $60,000. While there is a GoFundMe fundraising page set up to collect donations, Quinn is also looking for any interested contractors or companies to come forward with reduced cost or pro-bono assistance. The local news station WJLA is currently filming a three-part series on the barn, and we want it to have a happy ending.

Help save the Flag Barn

Watch the WJLA Coverage