Following the disastrous July flood, Preservation Maryland staff moved quickly to support the rebuilding effort in Ellicott City and have been on the ground since. In late July at a press conference, Preservation Maryland announced their intention to make the effort a Six-to-Fix project for 2016.


While the practice of announcing Six-to-Fix projects normally waits until the Six-to-Fix Reveal event, the situation in Ellicott City demanded swift action. As a result, Preservation Maryland moved with alacrity and announced the decision several months in advance. Now, when you attend the upcoming event you’ll be able to support this important work.

Announcement of the Ellicott City Six-to-Fix Project on August 30, 2016

Announcement of the Ellicott City Six-to-Fix Project on August 30, 2016

As a result of this declaration, the organization has been able to commit additional staff and resources to Ellicott City and open a first-of-its-kind Preservation Resource Center to assist property owners with the difficult task of rebuilding and rehabilitating their damaged historic structures.

This is why we exist as an organization. It’s moments and projects like this which allow us to show our supporters and friends what we stand for. Fortunately, our Six-to-Fix program was designed for situations exactly like this,” explained Nicholas Redding, Executive Director of Preservation Maryland.

All proceeds generated from the upcoming Six-to-Fix Reveal on Thursday, October 13 will benefit the class of 2016 Six-to-Fix projects, including Ellicott City. To learn about the five other important Six-to-Fix projects, individuals are encouraged to join us at the upcoming event to be held in the historic Mansion House at the Maryland Zoo.