The response by Preservation Maryland to the Ellicott City flood of 2016 was an opportunity to utilize our strengths – our understanding of historic buildings – to help those impacted. It has also been one of the greatest challenges. In our “After Action Report,” we summarized our actions to provide the opportunity to learn from our experiences.

Graphic for the "After Action Report: Ellicott City, Maryland Flood of 2016"The Report includes:

  • Brief history of flooding in Ellicott City
  • Description of the scale and impact of the 2016 flood
  • Outline of Preservation Maryland involvement
  • Results and impact
    • Partnerships and support
    • Geographic location of Resource Center
    • What could have been done better?
  • Recommendations for future preservation disaster responses
  • Non-Profit checklist for disaster response
  • Suggestions for local governments
  • Resource for further study

Preservation Maryland dedicates this report to the people of Ellicott City who value their history, heritage and culture.

Download the full report (PDF)

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