A new documentary produced by Maryland Public Television, Ellicott City Rising, will premiere on Saturday, November 4, 2017.

With graphic video and photographs the new documentary explores the impacts of the disastrous flood and its aftermath. Victims and first responders relive that night, while volunteers and government leaders recount the difficult days that followed and the long road back. Preservation Maryland Executive Director Nicholas Redding was interviewed for the documentary to explain the role the organization played in the town’s recovery.


MPT covered all expenses connected with the creation and broadcast of the new documentary. The documentary will also be made available without charge to economic development, tourism, chamber of commerce, and business groups to use as a recruitment, economic development, and promotional tool as the city gets back on its feet. In addition, the station will telecast the documentary throughout Maryland and make it available to public TV stations in surrounding states.

The documentary will premiered on MPT2 on Saturday, November 4, 2017 and is now available streaming online.

Preservation Maryland’s After Action Report on Ellicott City

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