As donors make year-end decisions on where to send their charitable dollars, Preservation Maryland is pleased to report it has achieved Gold status from Guidestar for the organization’s commitment to transparency.

Graphic Reading, "Seal of Transparency; Gold; GuideStar"Guidestar is a 501(c)(3) public charity that collects, organizes, and presents information on non-profits in an easy-to-understand format to allow donors to make informed giving decisions. As a part of Guidestar’s transparency and impact initiatives, Preservation Maryland has worked to achieve Gold status by detailing the organization’s financial information, programs as well as the progress the organization is making to solve the challenges it exists to address.

Preservation Maryland’s Guidestar Profile

The most recent IRS form 990 along with other detailed financial and program information can all be found on Preservation Maryland’s Guidestar profile. Annual reports and previous years’ financial information can be found on our own Publications page. Transparency with donors, funders and supporters is a matter of essential importance to the organization and is a reason year-end donors can give with confidence to Preservation Maryland.

Additionally, the organization is pleased to report that only 10 cents of every donor dollar is used on overhead – leaving 90 cents for programming. This programmatic investment rate is one of the highest in the entire preservation community, outpacing many national organizations.

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