The Turner Station-based Henrietta Lacks Legacy Group recently launched a campaign to support the issuance of a commemorative U.S. postage stamp of Henrietta Lacks of the famed HeLa cells.


Marylanders can help the Legacy Group campaign for a Henrietta Lacks commemorative postage stamp by sending a letter of support to the Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee. A letter has been drafted and can be customized, it reads in part: “In light of the tremendous contributions made by Mrs. Lacks (via her HeLa cells) to medical research, space exploration, and bioethics, it seems both proper and fitting that she should be recognized via a commemorative postage stamp. This is not about Black history per say, rather world history and human welfare.”

VIDEO: Her Impact and Our Outreach by Johns Hopkins University

To honor the life and legacy of Henrietta Lacks, this video highlights her impact on biomedical research and the efforts of Johns Hopkins Medicine to pay homage to her legacy.


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