The Heritage Fund, a cooperative effort of Preservation Maryland and the Maryland Historical Trust, is now accepting applications. The Fund provides direct assistance for the protection of historical and cultural resources and promotes innovative demonstration projects that can be successfully replicated to meet Maryland’s historic preservation needs. The Fund is intended to serve the needs of tangible cultural resources in Maryland. Historic sites, buildings, districts, objects, and archaeological resources are all eligible for funding.

Non-profit organizations and local jurisdictions are eligible to apply. Eligible projects fall into three general categories: education and research, planning and feasibility, and repair and rehabilitation. The minimum grant is $1,000 and the maximum grant is $10,000. Application deadline is March 31, 2023. Of note: Heritage Fund grants will now be awarded once annually (vs. two times a year as was done in years prior). The funding pool remains the same. 


Projects must be located in the state of Maryland Non-profit organizations and local jurisdictions are eligible to apply.

  • Stabilization or acquisition of endangered historic properties
  • Feasibility studies, architectural plans, structural assessments, and historic structure reports
  • Projects benefiting archaeological resources including curatorial services
  • Repair and restoration of historic materials
  • Educational, research, and planning efforts related to resource preservation
  • Organizational development for local preservation organizations – including but not limited to:
    • Board and volunteer development
    • Establishing strategic planning goals
    • Membership development
    • Marketing plans
    • Fundraising activities
    • Media relations
    • Collaborative projects are encouraged
  • Legal services engaged to protect endangered historic resources – including structures, sites, archaeological resources, or the creation or strengthening of a local preservation ordinance

If you are applying for a grant Preservation Initiatives Manager, Maria Mougridis remains available by email at

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More information about terms and criteria, visit our Heritage Fund page.