Preservation Maryland, Historic Annapolis, and the Maryland Center for History and Culture joined forces on March 25th at St. Anne’s Cemetery in Annapolis Md. to clean historic grave markers.

Preservation Maryland has led cemetery preservation workshops across the state for the public and wanted to come together with fellow heritage organizations to make a positive impact on a historic landscape in Annapolis.

St. Anne’s Cemetery dates to the 1700s and is one of the oldest cemeteries in Annapolis.

Cemeteries, like historic buildings and landscapes, provide critical connections between our past and future. Many Maryland cemeteries are in disrepair due to environmental factors, lack of funding, and barriers to training for those who maintain cemeteries.

As we look toward America250 in 2026, we continue to find ways to preserve and elevate Maryland stories, particularly the often-overlooked value of preserving this storied land.

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