After several years of thoughtful planning and listening to the needs of communities around the state, Preservation Maryland is proud and excited to announce the planned acquisition of a significant, threatened historic structure.

417 North Jonathan Street is an historic circa 1830s small log home in the heart of the historic Jonathan Street community of Hagerstown, one of the state’s oldest African American neighborhoods and nearby well-documented Green Book sites. It is the first revolving fund project for Preservation Maryland since 1975 – 45 years ago.

Tereance Moore“The time is right to reinvest in Jonathan Street. Challenges will always come up – but we have waited long enough and worked hard enough to make this project a reality. With just this one building, we will showcase the opportunity we have to make a change, building-by-building.”  – Tereance Moore

After rehabilitation, we will partner with a qualified organization to sell the property as affordable, owner-occupied housing. Additionally, local citizens, including Reggie Turner and Tereance Moore, who have formed the Western Maryland Community Development Corporation – a new organization that will carry on the future revitalization work spurred on by this first project.

No aspect or corner of Maryland’s economy will be unscathed by COVID-19, including Preservation Maryland, but we will not retreat.

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Here are three incredibly important reasons that we are not shelving plans for this project and moving full steam ahead:

  1. This historic building is immediately threatened with demolition even though it is a rare-remaining resource on Jonathan Street that tells the story of an underrepresented and significant community,
  2. With the support of our members and pro-bono professionals, Preservation Maryland is joining and supporting a well-organized group of local citizens that will make this project a success.
  3. We know that reinvestment in this single structure will return the building to its original use and will provide a home to a deserving family – and, we also believe, that our work will be a catalyst for future redevelopment along Jonathan Street

Your donation will directly support the rehabilitation of 417 North Jonathan Street – one of the oldest standing log structures left in Hagerstown and a critical piece of Maryland’s African American heritage.

“I believe this can be the start of a much larger community revitalization project for the Jonathan Street community. Partnering with Preservation Maryland and the team of architects and preservation they bring to the table reinforces my vision for Jonathan Street.” – Tereance Moore

We’re counting on people like you to support Preservation Maryland’s “it-can-be-done” approach to preservation during these challenges times. We don’t quit and we need your support.

Your gift today will support 417 North Jonathan Street and help revive Preservation Maryland revolving fund. Donations made today will fuel future preservation projects, loans, and investments all around the state – in your community and across your state.

So, please, give now and help us rebuild Maryland.

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The project has been made possible by a diverse array of funders from across the region and nation – including numerous individuals, the State of Maryland, the Middendorf Foundation, The 1772 Foundation, the Rural Maryland Council, the Delaplaine Foundation and many corporate partners and sponsors.

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