Preservation Maryland joined representatives from across Washington County and the state as a new historical marker was unveiled to commemorate the rich and layered history of the Jonathan Street community in Hagerstown, Maryland.

Our work in the Jonathan Street neighborhood began when we rehabilitated the historic log cabin that sits at 417 North Jonathan Street, and we’ve had the privilege of continuing our connection to the community through our support of renovation efforts at the Robert W. Johnson Community Center. 

Through interactions with former and current community members and research on those that lived here historically — one thing has stood out: no matter the person, the circumstances, the current events, or the challenges they have experienced, the residents of the Jonathan Street neighborhood have exemplified resilience, tenacity, fellowship, and fortitude throughout the decades.

It is only right that we lift up the community today and acknowledge the experiences of generations of African Americans and the rich layers of history we all know exist here and to ensure that those in Hagerstown and beyond know of it, too. 

Laura Houston, Director of Revitalization Initiatives

Speakers at the event included Hagerstown Mayor Tekesha Martinez, Dr. Julie Schablitsky Chief of the Cultural Resources Division at the Maryland Department of Transportation, Tereance Moore and Reggie Turner of the Western Maryland Community Development Corporation, and our Director of Communications, Dana Cohen.

The new roadside historical marker will soon be installed at the U.S. Post Office at 44 West Franklin St., a spot of high foot traffic near Asbury United Methodist Church. Maryland’s Roadside Historical Marker Program is managed by the Maryland Department of Transportation and the Maryland Historical Trust to highlight the state’s rich history.