Legislation has been introduced that would set a base level of support for Maryland’s historic preservation grant programs. You can help make this funding a reality by telling your legislator this funding matters to your community.

Bills HB1513/SB1069, The Maryland Historical Trust Grant Fund Improvement Act, would establish a base level of funding of $1.5 million annually for the Maryland Historical Trust grant fund program.

Both bills have been heard in their respective houses of the legislature. Now its up to preservationists around the state to get them out of committee. We need your help to get these bills a ‘favorable report!’ Tell your legislators to vote YES on HB1513/SB1069!


what the legislation does

You can learn more about the Maryland Historical Trust grant fund here. Briefly, it primarily supports:

  1. the rehabilitation and restoration of historic properties by non-profit organizations and municipalities,
  2. the survey, research and documentation of historic properties to assist in planning efforts and,
  3. museums with project, programming and exhibition funding assistance.

The program impacts historic places in every county across the state.

why the legislation is needed

Since 2009, this grant program has been completely unfunded. The grant program received $0 new dollars between FY09-FY17. Despite overwhelming support, these funds have not been restored and historic resources across the state are crumbling. The cost to repair and restore these resources will only become more expensive the longer the problem lasts.

The need for these programs was well documented in a October 15, 2016 report, “Preservation, Survey, and Museum Funding Needs” to the Joint Chairmen of the Senate Budget and Taxation and House Appropriations committees prepared by the Maryland Historical Trust.

how to Take action

The good news is that this legislation could fix this challenging situation immediately. A sustainable and dependable base level of support would allow for the Maryland Historical Trust to make targeted and strategic investments in historic resources.

You can send your legislators an email by using the button below. You may also wish to call your legislator’s office, which is one of the most effective methods of advocacy. You can find your legislator’s phone number here. All you need to do is ask them to support and vote YES on HB1513/SB1069.

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