The Maryland Historical Trust has just released a online mapping component to their existing Medusa database of documentation of the state’s historic and archaeology sites. Now professionals in the field can search and access over 60,000 records through a map-based interface.


In a recent blog post, the Cultural Resource Information Manager at the Maryland Historical Trust, Gregory Brown, states: The new system allows both in-house and remote access to the documentation of over 60,000 architectural and archeological resources in a variety of ways. Consultants and staff can view a proposed project area and see all known cultural resources, with links to Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties forms, National Register nominations, determinations of eligibility, and other detailed documents. Map-based Medusa also allows you to look up a property by name, address or inventory number, and view that property on a map along with associated forms and photos.


Professionals in the field can request access for a Medusa account. And while most architectural information is freely available in Medusa, archeological site location is restricted to qualified archeological professionals as mandated in the state’s Access to Site Location Policy. The Trust plans to roll-out additional documentation and training in the coming months.

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