The history of the diamondback terrapin turtle in Maryland can be traced at least as far back as the Native Americans with two important contemporary milestones that led to the University of Maryland mascot and team name – the Terps.

What’s a terrapin? These turtles can be identified by their beautiful and unique shells, marked with a pattern of concentric circles. They thrive in brackish water, like the Chesapeake bay, hence their abundance along Maryland shorelines.


While the state made it official in 1994 when the diamondback became Maryland’s state reptile, the terrapin’s relationship with the University of Maryland began in 1933. The senior class that year decided the school needed a mascot, after having gone by a number of names over the years – the Aggies, the Farmers, and the Old Liners, to name a few.

Vice-President of the University, Harry Clifton Byrd, was well aware of the terrapin’s Maryland connection, as a native of the Eastern Shore, where they were numerous. He wrote to Holland Sea Food Company of Crisfield, Maryland, and requested a true Maryland diamondback terrapin to be sent for use as a model for a new campus statue. Archbishop, or “Archie,” as the turtle was known, then traveled to Rhode Island, where artist Aristide Cianfarani sculpted his likeness in bronze. Archie even returned for the unveiling of the statue, which became known as Testudo.

Today, Testudo holds court outside McKeldin Library, where students rub his nose for good luck, and leave offerings during finals. Although the real Testudo passed away just two days after the unveiling of the statue, his taxidermied remains belong to the University of Maryland archives, and can be visited at any time.

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