PreserveCast brings you stories from around the world about the people who are doing the work to preserve, interpret, and save our past. Hosted by Preservation Maryland’s President and CEO Nicholas Redding, each weekly episode makes the case for the value, relevance, and importance of history in our lives. Here’s what you may have missed in May:

  • May 24On this first edition of PreserveCast Conversations: The Professor and the Practitioner, a new monthly feature of PreserveCast, co-hosts Nicholas Redding and Dr. Whitney Martinko explore the trends, topics and issues that are making headlines in the world of preservation this month.
    Image of Archaeologist and PreserveCast History Podcast guest Alex Langlands

    Alex Langlands

  • May 17:  Alex Langlands, an experimental archaeologist who has used his understanding of the past and of craft to help bridge the divide between history and entertainment – and to make the case for using our hands in a digital world.
  • May 10: Highlighting History and Culture in Nashville with founders Dr. Mary Ellen Pethel and Jessica Reeves.
  • May 3: Gastroegyptology with Xbox creator Seamus Blackley, a high energy physicist and game designer. He is also an amateur gastroegyptologist who made headlines in 2020 after he baked from 4,000+ year old Egyptian yeast.