At Preservation Maryland, we work very closely with the state’s historic preservation office, the Maryland Historical Trust. Their recently released annual report for 2016 highlights the impact of the state programs for which Preservation Maryland advocates and participates. It’s a great overview and report on the state of preservation:


  • Historic Tax Credits: “The Maryland Historical Trust awarded more than $9 million in tax credits for 2016, expected to leverage private investment of more than $40 million…”
  • Historic Homeowners: “In fiscal year 2016, the Maryland Heritage Structure Rehabilitation Tax Credit Program approved 174 proposed Homeowner tax credit projects…”
  • State Heritage Areas: “The Maryland Heritage Areas Authority awarded $2,894,223 to 60 projects that foster economic development through heritage tourism…”
  • Architectural Survey: “In FY2016, [MHT] staff added 302 standing structures and survey districts, as well as 195 updates, to the Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties…”
  • National Register: “In FY2016, the National Park Service added eight Maryland individual properties and two historic districts to the National Register…”

Read the Full MHT Report (PDF)