Since launching in 2017, PreserveCast has become the most popular historic preservation podcast in the world. Each Monday, your host Nick Redding, President & CEO of Preservation Maryland, explores the broad world of preservation and the work being done to preserve, interpret, and save our past in a 21st-century world. 


About PreserveCast

On the first Monday of each week listen to a new episode of PreserveCast, where we talk with experts from across the globe on topics ranging from aquaculture to historic foodways to forensic modeling. 

PreserveCast is produced in Baltimore and powered by Preservation Maryland. Despite our mid-Atlantic headquarters, we talk with preservation leaders across the world on a variety of topics. 

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Can we count on you?

Preservation Maryland isn’t just preserving the past – we’re investing in our future. In just the past year we’ve invested heavily in our work and refused to accept the mounting challenges as a reason to retreat or hold our position. You are making it all possible.