After more than nine years with the Preservation Maryland, Jessica Feldt, our Preservation Initiatives Manager, will be leaving the organization. Jess has worn countless hats here, and we will greatly miss her and the value she brought to the work we do every day.

The good news for us – and our partners – is that Jess will be staying on with us to train her replacement and support when needed on special projects. She will remain an extended part of the Preservation Maryland family.

Jessica oversaw Preservation Maryland programs such as Heritage Fund grantsSix-to-Fix and the Old Line State Summit, as well as dedicated short-term grant programs for Ellicott City and Baltimore City. She also helped connect preservationists and the general public to resources and each other. She will continue to manage these programs until her replacement is on board.

“To many partners in the field, Jessica Feldt has been the face, heart and soul of Preservation Maryland. Her positive, upbeat and can-do approach to this work has undoubtedly helped to save numerous historic places across our state. Seeing her move on is more than bittersweet – but we’re proud of all she’s accomplished and are pleased to know she’ll be available for special projects here at Preservation Maryland when her expertise can make the difference.” -Nicholas Redding, Preservation Maryland President & CEO.


Jessica can be reached at