On January 25th more than 500 Marylanders from around the state virtually attended the 28th Annual Environmental Legislative Summit in Annapolis, co-hosted by Preservation Maryland, in support of the environmental community’s legislative agenda for the 2022 general assembly session.

Ensuring an environmentally sustainable future for Maryland

Through our Smart Growth Maryland program, Preservation Maryland works to ensure an environmentally sustainable future for all Marylanders and we were honored to cohost an event that showcased how powerful grassroots advocacy can be. We will be working with our partners in the Citizen’s Campaign for the Environment to pass bold legislation that takes action on climate change, protects future generations from toxic “forever chemicals,” and reinforces the fact that environmental rights are civil rights.

Advocates outlined this year’s environmental legislative agenda, including the Environmental Human Rights Amendment, a priority item for Preservation Maryland’s advocacy team. This amendment to the Maryland Constitution would establish that every person has an inalienable right to a healthful environment, including the preservation, protection, and enhancement of ecological, scenic, and historic values of the environment. Other priorities include comprehensive climate legislation, restricting the use and disposal of toxic PFAs that are contaminating our waters and putting Maryland families at risk, and ensure that the budget prioritizes the environment and environmental justice.

Other priorities

Preservation Maryland’s advocacy team is also fighting for a wide variety of smart growth and environmental legislation, including the Great Maryland Outdoors Act, which represents the greatest investment in Maryland’s State Parks ever. This legislation comes in response to recommendations from the State Parks Investment Commission, which Preservation testified in front of, and will include robust funding for the preservation of resources owned by the Department of Natural Resources.