As a part of Howard County Executive Calvin Ball’s efforts to address the ongoing threat of flooding to Ellicott City, a exploratory committee has been established to determine the feasibility of creating a community development corporation (CDC) for the historic town.

This newly appointed group of stakeholders will examine if there is a need for a CDC in Ellicott City and, if created, what the role of the CDC would be, and how they would interact with other existing organizations already engaging in work for the residents and businesses owners of Ellicott City.

The makeup of the committee spans a wide range of backgrounds and experiences and includes members of the local business, real estate, environmental, and non-profit communities. Preservation Maryland Executive Director Nicholas Redding was appointed by Howard County Executive Calvin Ball in recognition of his significant preservation and community revitalization experience.

Preservation Maryland Executive Director Nicholas Redding offered the following statement,

“This is a tremendous opportunity to explore new options for the community and to identify meaningful and sustainable ways of revitalizing Ellicott City, while still preserving the historic character of this unique place. I greatly appreciate County Executive Ball’s appointment and his recognition of the pivotal role preservation should play in this discussion.”

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