Watch to see more on our trip with Luke out on the Chesapeake

We joined first-generation Maryland crabber Luke McFadden on the Chesapeake Bay to experience this piece of Maryland’s cultural heritage firsthand. Luke’s story is anything but typical – from beginning crabbing at age 12 to developing a social media following to help build a brand – but his atypical approach to crabbing might just be what the industry needs at this challenging moment to help sustain Maryland’s watermen heritage.

Luke McFadden, Captain of the F.V. Southern Girl, is a first-generation Chesapeake Bay waterman. You can find him crabbing and keeping his boat, pots, and other tools in good repair on TikTok, Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Instagram: @luke_mcfad

TikTok: @fvsoutherngirl

Luke’s Merch:

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