The Hagerstown Historic District Commission recognized Preservation Maryland with a 2022 Preservation Award for “saving, researching, documenting, and restoring the historic Jonathan Street log cabin.”

Through our efforts it was determined that the modest log home at 417 N. Jonathan Street is much older than initially believed, and may be the oldest standing structure in the City. The Commission applauded the revitalization project and the effort to return the structure to residential use. Historic Property Redevelopment manager Laura Houston accepted the award on behalf of the organization.

More about historic property redevelopment work at 417 N. Jonathan Street

After several years of thoughtful planning and listening to the needs of communities around the state, Preservation Maryland acquired the significant, threatened historic structure. 417 N. Jonathan Street is a historic circa 1830s small log home in the heart of the historic Jonathan Street community of Hagerstown, one of the state’s oldest African American neighborhoods and nearby well-documented Green Book sites.

Revisit our work in a walkthrough with laura as we concluded the revitalization project last year