Preservation Maryland works to protect Maryland’s unique and irreplaceable heritage while creating a more equitable and sustainable future. We remain at the forefront of the reservation movement, creatively working to preserve place, grow the historic preservation workforce, and effect policy change so our shared history can be enjoyed for untold generations to come. Our newly released Opportunity Report profiles current work and what’s ahead for Preservation Maryland.



Through our innovative national workforce development initiative The Campaign for Historic Trades, we are working to expand and strengthen careers in the high-demand field of historic trades by eliminating access barriers.


Historic Property Redevelopment Program project Snoots House in Brunswick, Md.

When we talk about preserving place, we mean both the tangible aspects of physical structures, and the intangible heritage and culture that makes a community what it is—things that cannot be seen but can be felt. Our Historic Property Redevelopment Program is a catalyst for revitalization, making direct investments in historic places across the state that will also solve modern challenges.


Sen. Sarah Elfreth and Preservation Maryland’s President & CEO Nicholas Redding at Carrs Beach in Annapolis

Year after year we make significant policy advances while securing crucial funding for preservation efforts across the state. Without effective legislation, preservationists are powerless.