At Preservation Maryland, we’ve been fighting since 1931 to keep Maryland, Maryland.

We Fight for Heritage

Historic places and communities have power because they are real. They are authentic. We are heart-drawn to these places because they represent where we came from and can tell us much about our future. At Preservation Maryland, we’ve been fighting since 1931 to preserve the authentic, real and important heritage of our state.

We Fight for Sustainability

The greenest building is the one already standing. At Preservation Maryland, we’re fighting hard to put preservation at the center of important conversations about the future of our earth and the role our community can play in making Maryland a more sustainable place.

We Fight for Prosperity

Revitalizing our historic communities isn’t just a way to save our heritage; reusing existing buildings is also great for the economy. Historic rehabilitation has created millions of jobs and generating billions in private investment.

We Fight for Community

History endows society with a sense of purpose and gives communities solid bedrock upon which to build a more just, sustainable future. Historic places make for great communities and Preservation Maryland is working hard to help Marylanders of all stripes to reuse historic buildings and find ways to use our past to make for a better future.

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