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Preservation Maryland believes we all succeed when we all know more about our past – and PreserveCast is one of the ways that we can reach that goal – and we have the data to prove it:

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Tom Moriarity has a background in historic preservation, urban mixed-use development, commercial area revitalization, retail programming in specialized environments, and downtown and district redevelopment strategies – and helps us answer “Why do we do what we do and why don’t others understand why it’s so important?

Ruth  Goldman is an award-winning social and domestic historian of British history who has been involved in several highly-rated BBC television series and has used her knowledge and charm on the screen to make history approachable and interesting. She is the author of the best-selling book, “How to Be a Victorian.” On this episode, we crossed the pond to learn from a master of public history in a time when history matters more than ever before.

Dr. Kate Larson has helped bring Harriet Tubman’s real story to a new generation. A Moses for her people, Tubman represents the best of the American spirit yet, for many years, she lacked a rigorous and scholarly biography. Larson addressed that historical inequity with Bound for the Promised Land: Harriet Tubman. Dr. Lasron is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of three critically acclaimed biographies.

James Etherington is the Director of Kiplin Hall – a historic site in England that interprets the ancestral home of the Calverts, one of Maryland’s earliest and most prominent colonial families. On this episode of PreserveCast, we learn about long lives of America’s early colonists in their native countries before they ever set foot in America.

David A. Welker has produced a detailed study of The Bloody Cornfield, a pivotal moment in American history that captures the reader and makes a compelling case for the national significance of these 20+ acres of Maryland soil. On this episode of PreserveCast, we’re taking a trip back to Sharpsburg, Maryland, on the morning of September 17, 1862, and descending into the Bloody Cornfield.

Diane Parker, Vice President of the Historic Vehicle Association joins PreserveCast to talk about historic cars and the history of the American Automobile. Surrounded by gear heads from a young age, Diane developed a love and appreciation for vehicles. Start your engines and tune in to this episode to learn about the National Historic Vehicle Register and more.

Dr. Richard Bell, a distinguished scholar recently authored, Stolen, a book on this overlooked story from American history. On this episode of PreserveCast, we’re heading back to those days to dredge up another chapter – and one far less proud – that of the reverse Underground Railroad which brought captured formerly free Blacks back to slavery. It’s a difficult history – but one we must confront.

Michelle Hanlon is Co-Director of the Air and Space Law Program at the University of Mississippi School of Law and its Center for Air and Space Law and Co-Founder and President of For All Moonkind, Inc., a non-profit focused on protecting human cultural heritage in outer space. We’ll push the limits of the National Register and boldly go where no preservationist has gone before. Put this podcast on Warp 8 and “engage” in this episode of PreserveCast.

Dr. Harrison Goodall has over forty-eight years of experience with historic structures and facilities management and nearly sixty years of experience in training and education throughout the country. On this episode of PreserveCast, we’re sitting down for a talk with a preservation trades legend about the future of craft and the lessons learned restoring America’s most iconic places.

Dr. Lisa Lee is the Executive Director of the National Public Housing Museum, the only cultural institution devoted to telling the story of public housing in the U.S. Countless historic homes have been preserved – but what about American public housing? The history and design of public housing has been long been overlooked, forgotten, and worse yet, maligned. Dr. Lee working to solve that gap in memory and understanding.

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