History can’t preserve itself. Most cars, on the other hand, may soon be driving themselves. This week on PreserveCast, we talk to Atul Sharma, an urban planning expert in Maryland who’s been working all over the country and now focusing on Montgomery County right here in Maryland. Atul’s work has recently included preparing for self-driving cars and how such a massive technological shift will impact everyday communities as well as our state’s historic areas.


Atul Sharma believes that design is an act of shaping the future. Good designers, therefore, must investigate imminent change. Atul currently works as an urban planner and designer with the Maryland National Capitol Parks and Planning Commission. He has extensive experience in community planning, neighborhood design, large scale sustainable master planning, mixed used communities, transit oriented development, design guidelines, as well as contextual architecture. His clients have included planning departments, non-profits, community organizations, economic development agencies, as well as private developers across the nation. His entire portfolio across the public and private sectors has been developed through an interactive design process, working with communities and stakeholders on the ground on issues that matter.