Polycarbonate ClearBoarding is a new tool for addressing the problems that are created by vacant buildings in historic communities. 

ClearBoarding is a nearly impenetrable polycarbonate material that can be used to secure properties instead of plywood. When it is applied properly, the product can secure a vacant property without giving the outward appearance that the building is abandoned. Suppliers of this product report that this, in turn, can reduce the incidence of vandalism, arson and other crimes. It can therefore be an effective tool to a proactive, community-wide approach to stabilizing at-risk neighborhoods.

ClearBoarding is a patented state-of-the-art technology that secures unoccupied properties without exposing vacancy. Designed to look like traditional windows, ClearBoarding helps to maintain property values and support neighborhood stabilization. The virtually unbreakable system protects properties from intrusion to increase safety and prevent squatting associated with vacancy.

Applications of ClearBoarding
  • A vacant property with missing or broken windows
  • A location where vacancy may significantly impact surrounding property values
  • A historic property where you want to ensure the property isn’t compromised


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