St. George(‘s) Island


In St. Mary’s County, Maryland, St. George’s Island is the site of a long-overlooked Revolutionary War battle where on July 17, 1776 the Maryland militia pushed the Colonial Governor of Virginia, John Murray, 4th Earl of Dunmore, back to the Chesapeake. Today, the island is a residential community and this study will develop a detailed context of the battle and scope the potential for limited interpretation as well as engage and understand what local residents would like for their community moving forward. The study does not fund land acquisition nor is any contemplated – it is a research endeavor that will also explore low-impact interpretive opportunities.

Preservation Maryland has partnered with the Southern Maryland Heritage Area on the project and retain a consultant to conduct an in-depth and authentic public engagement process and historic research. Out of many interested respondents to Preservation Maryland’s RFP, Kennon Williams Landscape Studio was selected as the lead consultant to be supported in the project by two sub-consultants: the Washington College Center for Environment and Society and Barton Ross & Partners, LLC Architects.

Highway marker on St. George(‘s) Island.

Aerial view of St. George's Island, Maryland. Photo from VRBO.

Aerial view of St. George’s Island, Maryland. Photo from VRBO.

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