Revitalizing Rural Maryland: A Resource Guide for Communities

Revitalizing communities is complex and challenging work. For rural communities, the work often comes with even greater obstacles and hurdles to overcome. The creation of this rural resource guide, first released in 2019 and recently updated in 2023, is part of preservation maryland’s ongoing effort to support this critical work.
The organization’s longstanding work in rural regions of the state was the inspiration for compiling this guide. Having seen projects and efforts stall due to a lack of resources or awareness of available support, the goal of this guide is to connect communities to the tools and resources they need to succeed and to identify useful case studies from which communities can draw inspiration and assistance.

This resource guide is divided into specific categories of support:

  • grants and loans
  • tax credits
  • technical assistance
  • county-specific resources – case studies
The cover of Revitalizing Rural Maryland: A Resource Guide for Communities, a joint publication of Preservation Maryland and the Rural Maryland Council
Often, before beginning a project a thorough review of all potentially useful resources is a good first step. This guide is designed to assist with that step and to provide an at-a-glance level of information on the key programs that support redevelopment and revitalization in rural Maryland. Depending on your project, the next step may involve digging deeper on the specific program’s website or by connecting with someone in your community who may have more information. The case studies show how it can all come together in the form of a project – and while not every aspect of the case studies may apply to your effort they tend to underscore the diverse funding streams that make it happen and the tenacity that anyone must have to pull off this work in rural communities.

This guide’s creation was made possible thanks to the generous financial support of the Rural Maryland Council. The Rural Maryland Council brings together citizens, community-based organizations, federal, state, county and municipal government officials as well as representatives of the for-profit and nonprofit sectors to collectively address the needs of Rural Maryland communities. Although many may think of Maryland as an urbanized state, 75% of its counties are considered by the state to be rural and struggle with the challenges of revitalization and redevelopment encountered in more traditionally rural states and regions.