The Burkittsville Preservation Alliance, owners of the Shafer Farm, have been busy taking small, and necessary  steps to safeguard the property. Here’s an update:

One of the major tenants of Preservation Maryland’s Six-to-Fix program is the participation of the community in being a part of the fix – and we have found a great partner in  the Alliance. Based on recommendations from architects, engineers, and preservationist’s that have visited the Civil War-era property, the Alliance has completed the following tasks:


At the meeting of the original Shafer House with the later flat roof addition, the roof displayed signs of failure and sagging. Volunteers created a 2-by-4 support system as a temporary measure.


the original Shafer House

Many of the building’s windows were either broken or boarded. While boarding the windows adds security, that tight enclosure may prevent needed ventilation. Volunteers have restored and repaired two windows at the rear of the property.


interior of the original Shafer House

Over the years, the rooms of the Shafer House became filled with debris – historic and otherwise – presenting health and safety concerns. The Alliance has disposed of the trash and worked to sort our any artifacts that might be historic and help tell the story of the House.


Volunteers have removed the ivy crawling on the building’s facades that overtime could have penetrated and deteriorated mortar joints. Work is also being done to regrade the land around the structure to guide rainwater away from the foundation.


There has been a great commitment made by the Burkittsville Preservation Alliance since they took ownership  of the propery, and Preservation Maryland continues to support their work with large-scale preservation planning and development efforts.