With support and advocacy from an array of national, state, and local partners, including Preservation Maryland, the City Dock Advocacy Committee has worked steadily on crafting a sustainable and vibrant reimagining of Annapolis’ historic downtown waterfront.

In 2018, Annapolis’ City Dock became the subject of statewide and national attention when proposed zoning threatened to change the height and bulk restrictions on the historic waterfront. The threat was deemed so great that the National Trust for Historic Preservation listed City Dock one of America’s Most Endangered Historic Places and provided emergency funding.  In addition to the Trust’s national support, Heritage Fund grant monies from Preservation Maryland and the Maryland Historical Trust were awarded to Historic Annapolis, Inc. to bring in a Technical Assistance Panel from the Urban Land Institute. The expert panel met several times in Fall 2018 to conduct site visits, work sessions, and public meetings.

Urban Land Institute panel touring Annapolis, October 2019.

Urban Land Institute panel touring Annapolis, October 2019.

Following the early 2019 report from the Technical Assistance Panel, the City Dock Action Committee was formed of stakeholders and experts working to engage the public and generate solutions for the revitalization of City Dock. The group contained nine subcommittees working on areas like placemaking, financial tools, programming, movement around the area, and community character. This October 2019, just over a year since the Urban Land Institute Technical Assistance Panel, the City Dock Action Committee’s final meeting was held and included a final presentation on their vision for the new City Dock.

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