Smart Growth Maryland works with diverse coalitions bringing together preservation, conservation, and environmental protection and has recently signed on to be part of a new coalition called the Maryland Bird Conservation Partnership.

Short-eared Owl. Northern Goshawk. Kentucky Warbler. Wood Thrush. Sedge Wren. Black Rail. What do these Maryland birds have in common?

Unfortunately, all are threatened as a result of habitat loss. These and other birds are struggling as large tracts of forest, grasslands, and wetlands are lost to development and thousands of acres of marsh are lost to sea level rise.


For years, our local smart growth coalitions have included Audubon MD-DC, Maryland Ornithological Society, Southern Maryland Audubon Society, and Audubon Society of Central Maryland – dynamic organizations working to conserve Maryland birds and their habitat. These organizations’ participation, advocacy, and outreach to their members have been critical to each coalition’s success.

We are excited to be part of the Maryland Bird Conservation Partnership, which includes longtime partners like Audubon MD-DC and Maryland Ornithological Society and new partners like Safe Skies Maryland and American Forests.

Smart growth and preservation of landscapes are important to accomplishing the Partnership’s mission of saving birds. Partnership organizations will work together on a variety of endeavors, including promoting land conservation, fostering citizen-science monitoring, and increasing public awareness of conservation of birds and their habitat.

Learn More: The Maryland Bird Conservation Partnership is hosting the first-ever Maryland Bird Conservation Symposium with Youth Maryland Ornithological Society on Saturday, January 26, 2019 at the Patuxent South Tract National Wildlife Visitor Center in Laurel. Registration is open!


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