From trees to farms to historic places, Smart Growth Maryland has been working hard to help protect, preserve and revitalize key communities across the state and specifically in Frederick County.

Additionally, Kimberly Golden Brandt, the long-time director of the program accepted a new position with Frederick County government, where she is leading an ambitious new effort to implement smart growth policy in that fast-growing community. Preservation Maryland remains fully committed to Smart Growth Maryland and is working quickly to refill the position with a talented smart growth leader – the stakes are too high and the challenges too great to lose any momentum.

Update from Frederick County

Smart Growth Maryland’s co-leadership of the Smarter Growth Alliance of Frederick County has resulted in several important advances in recent months.

Among the key victories has been the adoption of an increased land transfer recordation fee from $6 to $7 per $500 of the sales price. This legislation is expected to generate nearly $6.8 million for agricultural land preservation as well as nearly $500,000 to help support new farmers and grants for rural historic preservation.

Additionally, the Smarter Growth Alliance of Frederick County has also been working closely on a new forest conservation ordinance which, if passed, will protect critical forested areas in the county. A vote on this important legislation is expected in the coming months.


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