In response to the latest proposal to demolish large portions of the Ellicott City historic district, Preservation Maryland published a Special Report outlining the economic value of Ellicott City and viable alternatives to demolition.

The report, which was authored by the staff of Preservation Maryland with the support of talented professionals throughout the nation, compellingly makes the case for the value of Ellicott City’s authentic heritage. Additionally, the report identifies several alternatives to demolition and explores specific case studies in the region where flood-prone historic buildings have been adaptively reused.

The report comes on the heels of Howard County’s recently announced plan to demolish historic structures in order to mitigate the impacts of flooding on the community. While Preservation Maryland fully supports efforts to protect the lives of those who live in and visit Ellicott City, the organization believes that proven stormwater management tools and scientifically based hydrologic retention efforts should be employed to reverse the damaging manmade impacts now causing these events.

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