This was a year of major achievements for the preservation community and for Preservation Maryland. On the eve on a New Year, our Executive Director, Nicholas Redding, takes a look back at our major 2017 milestones and the work left to do in 2018.


We dramatically increased resources for preservation projects around the state, launched new programs and made impressive impacts at all of our Six-to-Fix projects.

  • Our Six-to-Fix program continues to generate stunning results and is leveraging our donor’s dollars in unparalleled ways. Since the program’s launch in 2015, Preservation Maryland has leveraged an astounding $5 for these threatened sites for every $1 the organization has raised for the projects. That 5:1 ratio is one of the many reasons the program has gained national attention and received the accolades of the Maryland Historical Trust who recently honored it with an award.
  • The organization wrote, introduced and lobbied for one of the most far-reaching pieces of preservation legislation in Maryland since the 1960s  legislation which affirmed the General Assembly’s support for preservation grant funding for the first time ever.
  • Preservation Maryland has emerged as a national leader in the fight against the most serious assault on the federal historic tax credit in 30 years  the nation’s most successful preservation program.
  • Preservation Maryland also launched a weekly podcast, PreserveCast, and PreserveList, our fast-growing preservation contractor database. Together, they represent the next steps for this organization taking our message to new audiences and connecting people to the resources they need to save places that matter.
  • The organization also distributed nearly $150,000 in grants through our Heritage Fund Grant Program and our Ellicott City Revitalization Grant Program. Together, they are making real and direct impacts in historic places throughout the state. These programs depend on donor support to continue in the year ahead.

Moving forward, the goal isn’t just to save what we have – but to expand the level of support and resources for historic resources all across the state – from iconic state parks to industrial warehouses that can catalyze the redevelopment of an entire neighborhood. From communications and outreach to education and our direct investments in places, we’re making a difference and we’re turning donor dollars into real results.

2017 Year in Review


In the year ahead, Preservation Maryland has an aggressive and ambitious agenda. From advocacy, to six new Six-to-Fix projects as well as the launch of a property redevelopment program, laying the groundwork for an apprenticeship effort and beyond we have a wide variety of important projects ahead.

None of this would be possible without the support of our donors and members who are the driving force behind our efforts. Together we are saving the very best of Maryland.

Keep in touch for the big projects that lie ahead and please consider making an Annual Appeal donation to help make sure we can continue this important work in 2018. We receive no government operating support and count on member contributions to help sustain our work.

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