On Saturday, September 17, 2016, Preservation Maryland hosted a dozen enthusiastic homeowners, DIYers, and preservationists at half-day workshop on historic window restoration led by historic preservation expert Douglas Claytor that took place at the Cozy Inn tourist cabin at the Thurmont Historical Society.

Attendees to the workshop came from Anne Arundel, Washington, Baltimore County, and Baltimore City and many came looking to better understand the window repair and restoration project before working on personal preservation and home restoration projects. The workshop was led by historic preservation expert, Douglas Claytor who’s presentation focused on paint removal, reglazing, and proper repainting of historic wood windows – all with safety in mind.



When the Cozy Inn was demolished in 2015, Mr. Freeze donated the tourist cabin to the Thurmont Historical Society that then arranged for it to be moved and set on their property behind the ca. Creeger House operated as a historic house museum. The intention is to interpret the history of the Cozy Inn at the museum and in the future, within the cabin itself.  Preservation Maryland recognized the Historical Society’s efforts with Best of Maryland award in May 2016.

The Cozy Inn was a significant roadside attraction on a well-traveled stretch of Route 15 by folks heading to recreational areas like Cunningham State Park and the resources of the Catoctin area; but it also served as the location to many visits and meals to dignitaries attending meetings at nearby Camp David. During the workshop, Jerry Freeze, former owner and son of the founder of the Cozy Inn, stopped by with historic photographs of the cabins and shared stories of running the business for over 80 years.

Preservation projects, of all sizes, only happen when a confluence of people, ideas, and resources come together. The story of the threatened, moved, and now restored, 1929 tourist cabin in Thurmont illustrates the process on a micro scale at was an ideal location for this workshop.

The Thurmont Historical Society is a volunteer run organization dedicated to the preservation of history and artifacts from the town of Thurmont and the surrounding area of northern Frederick County. Douglas Claytor, expert wood worker and founder of the Claytor Historic Preservation Institute, has participated in the restoration of important historic buildings across Maryland, including at Antietam Battlefield, Monocacy Battlefield, and is restoring Widmyer House as part of the Department of Natural Resources‘ residential stewardship program