The ca. 1761 Stemmer House in the Owings Mills area is under threat again by development pressure to subdivide the adjacent land into lots for new residential construction. The Valleys Planning Council, a regional land conservation non-profit, fought off a similar plan 10 years ago but a new owner has reintroduced the issue.

On Tuesday, September 12, the Circuit Court of Baltimore County will hear the appeal and interested parties are encouraged to attend as a show of support. There are also other things you can do outlined on the Valleys Planning Council website.

Stemmer House is part of the Caves Valley National Register Historic District and a Baltimore County Historic Landmark.

The Valleys Planning Council has long been committed to the preservation of this historic property and its viewshed. At the invitation of the Council, Preservation Maryland testified in opposition to the proposal in front of the Baltimore County Administration Law Judge.

This is not the first time that the National Register-listed property has been threatened. In 2005, a similar development project was denied by the Baltimore County zoning commissioner.