Organizations like Preservation Maryland aren’t just preserving the past – we’re investing in our future. In just the past year we’ve invested heavily in our work and refused to accept the mounting challenges as a reason to retreat or hold our position. You are making it all possible.

We are thankful for our 2020 donors during this difficult year.

I am thankful for our donors because:

Many of our donors are also long-time partners in advocacy who have dedicated countless hours and donated generously to protect Maryland’s environment and communities from harm – together, our work will ensure a better future for generations to come.

– Elly Cowan, Director of Advocacy

I am thankful for you because:

For the first time in my life, I saw myself reflected in documented history – thanks to the completion of the groundbreaking LGBTQ heritage study Preservation Maryland led.

– Meagan Baco, Director of Communications

From The Executive Director:

I am thankful to our donors because:

Our supporters believe in– and work towards – a better future for all Marylanders. The work we are able to accomplish with their generosity brings the past,  the present, and the future together – in a comprehensive and hopeful plan – that we can achieve collectively.

– Nicholas Redding, Executive Director

I am thankful for you because:

Hearing the stories of Maryland’s suffragists has given me a newfound appreciation for the courage and determination of the women who have come before me.  Their lasting legacy inspires my belief that the work we do will leave an impact for future generations.

– Katie Parks, Director of Development

Thank You and Happy Thanksgiving!