Rather than just saving one building, aggressive advocacy gives us an opportunity to save thousands of buildings.

Key Preservation Advocacy Victories

The following advocacy issues represent our current portfolio of active efforts. Each issue presents itself with an opportunity to get involved – and each urgently requires donor support to make them a success.

Maryland Sustainable Communities Tax Credit

In Maryland, tax credits for rehab projects have saved thousands of historic buildings statewide and created billions in state revenue.

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Maryland Heritage Areas

Promoting and enhancing the history of Maryland is a big job – and one that fuels one of the state’s most important industries: Heritage Tourism.

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Program Open Space

Thanks to this program, nearly all Marylanders are just 15 minutes away from a state, local park or public open space.

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State Grants

State funding for preservation benefits all Marylanders – and has saved historic resources from Oakland to Ocean City.

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Federal Issues

Federal agencies oversee key funding programs and policies that protect America’s historic resources from needless destruction.

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State Agency Funding

Several key state agencies are charged with protecting Maryland’s history – a job that requires adequate resources.

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Main Street

Main Street Maryland’s traditional downtown economic and cultural districts are the cornerstones of local communities throughout the State of Maryland.

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Local Incentives

All across the state, local governments have realized the value of a well-preserved community and many offer lucrative programs to assist with rehab efforts.

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