We need your help to make preservation a priority and to reauthorize the critical Historic Rehab Tax Credit in Maryland.

Since its creation, the 20% tax credit for historic building rehabilitation has:

  • Rehabilitated over 4,018 residential and 625 commercial structures,
  • Generated nearly $8.53 in economic activity for every dollar invested by the state,
  • Created almost 72 well-paying jobs for every $1 million credits issued,
  • Incentivized the private sector to help rebuild and restore Maryland – and create a more prosperous and sustainable future,
  • Saved priceless architectural treasures in every county across the state.

Unfortunately, legislators have recently been playing partisan games with the future of this non-partisan program. On Monday, March 21st, despite having the full support of Governor Hogan’s Administration, 14 senators voted not to reauthorize the program [SB759/HB939].

Image of Humanim at American Brewery

The 14 Senators who voted against the program that invests in local businesses and protects Maryland’s history:

  • Gail Bates
  • Robert Cassilly
  • Adelaide Eckardt
  • George Edwards
  • Stephen Hershey
  • Michael Hough
  • J.B. Jennings
  • Wayne Norman
  • Justin Ready
  • Edward Reilly
  • Johnny Ray Salling
  • Andrew Serafini
  • Bryan Simonaire
  • Stephen Waugh

We need you to join with Preservation Maryland to demand that this legislation be reauthorized this session. Our heritage deserves the full and unwavering support of all legislators.