Have you recognized a common preservation issue or frequently asked question in your historic community? The Maryland Association of Historic District Commissions is open to ideas to address at their annual symposium to be held in June, specifically, how to make historic preservation more affordable and accessible.

Save the Date: This year, Maryland’s historic preservation conference, the Old Line State Summit, and the annual symposium of the Maryland Association of Historic District Commissions (MAHDC) will take place over Friday, June 15 and Saturday, June 16, 2018 in College Park, MD.


Maryland Association of Historic District Commissioners board member, Sheila Bashiri, Preservation Planner for the City of Rockville recently send out this announcement: 

“The Maryland Association of Historic District Commissioners (MAHDC) is planning for our 3rd Annual Symposium. Our topic this year is how to deal with making historic preservation affordable for everyone. One of our sessions will be on the challenge of how to help property owners that are financially strapped, find affordable solutions. I’m looking for case studies and potential speakers that can give me case studies and success stories about DIY projects and/or alternative solutions that don’t exactly meet the Secretary of Interiors Standards, but desperate times call for desperate actions. I’m not talking about tax credits or grants, or any financial help that is available later. I’m speaking in terms of when the need is immediate like “Water is pouring through the slate roof NOW, and I can’t afford to replace the slate with slate!!” Or a success story about someone who had limited funds, so rather than hire a professional, they replaced the floor of their porch or rebuilt their brick chimney, and although they were new to the work, but it turned out really good. We are trying to show how some communities have been able to make preservation work, in spite of the cost. Our symposium is on June 16, 2018, at the University of Maryland, in College Park, MD.”

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