Take a bite out of history by visiting one of these classic hot dog stands in Maryland:


Ann’s Dari-Creme in Glen Burnie opened its doors in 1950, when a hot dog cost only thirty cents. Despite pressure from developers to close its doors when the Marley Station Mall opened in its backyard in the late 1980s, Ann’s is still going strong after over 65 years in business. Drop by for a shake and one of their famous footlongs next time you head down Ritchie Highway!


In Baltimore, G & A Restaurant in Highlandtown boasts a third generation family legacy of having served up more than 4.5 million hot dogs since the restaurant opened in 1927. Here, the specialty is the Coney Island dog, which was featured on the Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives and stars the same Coney Island sauce diners have been enjoying for over 80 years.


The patriarch of classic Maryland hot dog joints is Curtis’ Coney Island Famous Weiners in Cumberland. The Giatras family, Curtis’ proprietors, sold their first hot dog in 1905, and the food was so popular they soon opened two separate hot dog restaurants in close proximity. The two stores have since merged and continue to serve up hot dogs with the family’s super-secret sauce.


Stop in for a taste of these classics and enjoy the vintage ambiance as a bonus. What better way to celebrate even the small things that make Maryland great than with a time-honored recipe from a legacy business?

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